what we offer

» Sales to specialist electrical
   businesses, specialist shops
   and trade users

» we give technical advice on all
   lighting technology questions

» projecting and installation of EIB

» high-quality light displays

» lighting calculations and lighting suggestions by computer
   with 3D simulation

» innovative lighting solutions and designs for industry,
   administration and offices

» economic analyses with a variety of illumination equipment
   and concepts

» quotations and bids

» preparation of presentational and advertising materials

» preparation of catalogues, patterns and data sheets 

Electrical wholesalers Gensler - supplying you with high-quality lighting systems. We are your reliable partner.

Gensler Electrical wholesalers sells electrical goods, lighting, lamps and lighting systems throughout Europe. The electrical wholesaler, which is run by its owner, can rely on an extensive stock of products from all well-known manufacturers in the electrical industry and is a specialist in office lighting, street lighting, floodlights, shop lighting and industrial lighting. At the same time, our range not only includes products by renowned manufacturers, such as RIDI, Tri lux, Regiolux, Zumtobel Staff, BEGA, RZB and Glashütte Limburg.

In the living room lighting and design lighting sectors, too, the Gensler Electrics carries products by manufacturers such as Artemide, Neuhaus, etc. You, too, can give your office spaces an upmarket atmosphere with this high-quality and stylish lighting from the wholesale electrical sector. Gensler Electrical carries switching programmes from BUSCH-JÄGER, Merten and GIRA, cable channels and similar from NIEDAX, Vergokan and other famous manufacturers in the industry.

Gensler Electricals is seen as a reliable partner for craft, trade and industry, its range of activities is increasingly growing into import and export. The electrical wholesaler also offers as a service energy optimisation of lighting equipment, such as the use of LED lighting or energy saving lamps like the MEGAMAN ESL, and lighting calculations and suggestions for illumination by computer with 3D simulation using the modern DIALUX program.

For Gensler Electricals, the top priority is always high product quality and good energy efficiency. This is not only important for industrial lighting, for permanent use of street lighting or bright flood lights, but also in the field of office lighting. Saving electricity can be very easy, by using energy saving lamps from OSRAM, RADIUM, PHILIPS or MEGAMAN.

Qualified staff, who can advise you on individual products and prepare tailor-made lighting solutions for your administration, for offices and for industry, are always available to you from Gensler Electricals.

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